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    Bölüşmek   ID: 45807:269180
    Satın al Gravel Screening Plants dragon 1000
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    Mobile Track Jaw Crusher 1000j
    Feeder size : 1000x4000mm grizzly Hopper 12m3
    Jaw Crusher Size : 1000x700mm
    Main Conveyor 1000mm
    Engine power210 – 259 kWTransport dimensions (w x l x h) *3400 x 15,600 x 3,680 mmScreen 1200×3650 mm Double-deck heavy-duty screen ( optional) s type
    Screen stock Conveyor (optional) s type
    Feedback conveyor (optional) s type
    Transport weight : 38 -44 to
    Performance: up to 200-300 t/h
    Central Control/Operating unit ensures an easy
    operation and machine monitoring. Remote
    control for One-Man-Operation.
    Mobile crushers are loaded on their own crawler tracks or towed by truck horse when transported over longer distances to a new location. With tremendous flexibility and compact design, customers can take this machine directly to rock crushing plants or demolition sites for powerful, handy recycling of reusable construction materials, concrete debris, sand and gravel with economic efficiency.
    By adopting the advanced hybrid power design, it saves 50%~70% oil consumption. Employing fully rigid board structure, the chassis features high strength, low contact pressure, good passing ability and good adaptability to hilly and marsh areas. Operating system with imported direct servo technique can be easily and precisely controlled and travel in a infinite variable speed. The stock bin baffle and side belt conveyor can be turnover by adjusting hydraulic cylinder, convenient for transport and maintenance.
    **All our products are CE certified by the European Union.
    Mobile Track Jaw Crusher
    The track mounted Jaw Crusher of the DRAGONTRACK series are used for soft to medium-hard natural stone and for the reprocessing of residual construction materials. What is important today, in addition to the quality of the end product, is environmental and cost awareness, availability and a wide field of application. The DRAGONTRACK machines unite all these requirements. In the process, they guarantee an end product that represents the high demands of concrete and asphalt granulation standards with regard to grain shape, grain distribution and cleanliness.
    Screen stock Conveyor (optional) s type

    ** All our products are CE certified by the European Union.

    • Gravel Screening Plants dragon 1000
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    Satın al gravel screening plants dragon 1000
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