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Mobile Crusher Plant Turbo dragon 950  — Mobile Crusher Plant Turbo dragon 950 alımı,  fiyatı, Mobile Crusher Plant Turbo dragon 950 görseli, Dragon Makİna şirketinden. Allbiz Türkiye piyasasında Darbeli kırıcılar
    Mobile Crusher Plant Turbo dragon 950  — Mobile Crusher Plant Turbo dragon 950 alımı,  fiyatı, Mobile Crusher Plant Turbo dragon 950 görseli, Dragon Makİna şirketinden. Allbiz Türkiye piyasasında Darbeli kırıcılar
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    Satın al Mobile Crusher Plant Turbo dragon 950
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    Mobile Crusher Plant ( Hard Material Crusher ) Capacity 160 – 240 T/H
    TURBO 950 was designed for producers and contractors that require a complete system in a portable configuration.
    The TURBO 950 is equipped with a vibrating grizzly feeder with loading hopper, primary jaw crusher, secondary crusher (Hard Material Crusher), Screen,
    all on-plant transfer conveyors and stacking conveyors to stockpile the final products.
    This system will provide producers with a complete 2-stage crushing and screening system that can produce up to 3-sized products in one single package.
    The plant can be equipped with multiple axle configurations and other features to enhance its portability.
    New System Mobile Crusher Plant Turbo 950
    1. Feeder and Hopper
    Vibrator System
    Feeder Grizzly System
    Feeder Size : 1000x 3800 mm
    2nos. Vibrator adjusttable throw amplitude Oli
    Hopper 12 m3
    * Extra Hopper + 11 m3 ( Optional )
    2. Jaw Crusher Primary type 
    Size: 900x650 mm
    Primary type Motor power: 75-90 kW
    Jaw Crusher Is Setting Mechanism can be adjusted easily.
    3. Main Conveyor System Size : 1000 mm
    4. High Capacity Vibrating Screen
    Size : 1600×5000 mm 3 Deck
    Motor Power 18.5 kW
    5. Hard Material Crusher
    Impact Crusher 1200×1200 mm
    Motor : 132 Kw - 160 kW
    6. Stock Conveyor 3 Unit Folding type
    7. Feedback Conveyor Belt 2 Pcs
    600 mm - 750 mm
    8. Mobile Chassis 3-axle Chassis
    9. Control Panel Chassis Coupled
    10. Remote Control for One-Man-Operation.
    11. Hydraulic System and Hydraulic Legs
    12. Bypass Conveyor Belt ( Optional )
    13. Generator ( Optional )
    14.* Frequency and Speed Control system Turbo Crusher Enabling Speed setting (Optional) This system for fuel savings of 50% ,Approx fuel consumption 30 - 35 Lt / h
    15. Extra Deck - Screen 4 Deck : 4 Deck and 4th Stock Conveyor Belt (Optional )
    16. Extra Hopper + 11 m3 ( Optional )
    17. Magnet Conveyor Belt ( Optional )
    Total Weight : 58.000 Kg
    Dragon Crushers Inc.'s line of Dragon 7-9-10-15-20,Turbo 600 , 900 , 950 portable plants are designed for a wide variety of applications. Though each plant is different,
    each is the same in fundamental ways: Portability, dependability, durability, competitive capital costs, low cost maintenance and designed to meet customer's needs.
    Portability has been a major concern for customers along with quick setup time. We have accommodated our customers' concerns by making most of our plants portable in one single unit.
    Since our plants are portable in one piece they use minimal time in set-up and tear-down. To further reduce set-up and tear-down time,
    all plants come standard with telescoping screw jack legs or optional hydraulic lifting legs for fast set-up and to eliminate the time consuming task of cribbing.
    We have designed our plants to be able to be placed and running in minimal time providing our customers with reduced set-up costs and increased productivity.
    We have proven the dependability and durability of our plants with years of service in the field. These plants have crushed everything there
    is to crush and run day-in and day-out and they're still going strong. We constantly look for ways to improve our designs,
    make our plants better and continue to out last the competition. Our plants are designed with the idea that a plant should be easily maintained.
    We understand the time spent maintaining a plant is time that could be spent producing material. We strive to design our plants to minimize the time needed to do the necessary maintenance.
    Dragon Crushers specializes in design and application - the right product and the right flow plan to accomplish your particular job.
    Many of our plants are designed around our customer's specifications but we always keep an eye on flexibility. Since our plants are designed with our
    customer's needs in mind we are able to build a more efficient plant and/or eliminate the need for additional equipment to accomplish the same task.
    ** All our products are CE certified by the European Union.
    • Mobile Crusher Plant Turbo dragon 950
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    Satın al mobile crusher plant turbo dragon 950
    Mobile Crusher Plant Turbo dragon 950
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